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Can you make money by gambling online

There is no right answer to this question because there are a lot of factors that go into online gambling games and some of them include factors like luck which is not something you can learn, it is either you have it, or you do not. An element like luck will determine if you will earn from online gambling or you will suffer loss after loss after loss.

Some people make money from online gambling lots, and lots of people do earn cash from online gambling, but it all depends on some factors that we are going to discuss below.


luck is a critical element necessary for a person to win big cash in online gambling games. Luck is not something that you can learn; it is something that comes by once in a while. For some people, the chance is something they experience every day, and to others, it is hard to come by. Another thing to remember is that a lot of online gambling games are games of pure chance, for example, slot games so luck or event is a big determiner of whether you will win cash or not.


Skills are the opposite of luck. A skill is something you learn from years of practice. Once you master the skill, then you will win cash from online gambling. Same as luck, some people master the operations of a game faster than others while others need time to master the game. But with time, everyone gets the hang of what is to be done, and that is what makes a good player. Learn more about bandar judi online.

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